Welcome to the Assistive Technology (AT) Alliance

The AT Alliance links the four national charities that provide independent information about the products that make independent living possible. These include high street products as well as specially designed assistive technology equipment.

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The Alliance:

  • works to improve the scope and standard of information for all who need it disabled people , their advisors, service providers and others
  • campaigns on issues relate to the provision and standard of equipment, whether provided through statutory agencies or brought privately
  • will develop a collective strategy to ensure that disabled people and others can get all the information they need easily
  • will fundraise for new information initiatives.

Benefits of working together:

  1. Development of information services. The four organisations have decades of experience about what information is needed and how it might best be provided. Working in association will allow us to use our individual skills to develop more coordinated information services, closely attuned to what is needed by different groups of people. This will both enhance the services we provide as individual organisation and lead to joint innovative enterprises.
  2. Greater presence. Our collective muscle will give us more weight and authority. This means we will have more influence on Government policy, trade practices and other areas of importance to disabled people.
  3. Close co-operation. The Alliance has an entirely practical focus. Cooperation will lead to enhanced services from each organisation, reductions in duplication of effort and seamless links between the information provided by each of us.
  4. More effective fundraising. Good information is expensive to collect, organise, and deliver. Funding for information has been uneven and insecure. The Alliance allows us to approach potential funders with a new proposition that will bring some coherence to fragmented areas.
  5. Autonomy. This alliance is a voluntary pooling of skills and resources. While working closely together the role, reputation and identity of each organisation will be preserved.